Always, when I wanted to show photos from iPhone to my family on a large screen (TV or PC), I had problems that had to be solved for a lot of time. Photv allows you to upload photos to any device with a web browser without painful settings

In general, everything on which there is a web browser and access to the local network

The device on which you want to upload photos must be on the same network as your phone. A browser must be installed on it (SmartTV usually has a pre-installed one).

If the device does not have access to the local network (or there is no local network in place), then you can connect to the hotspot of the phone if the device has a WiFi module.

Enter one of the addresses shown on the `Connect` screen in Photv app(ip address or local domain name)

The iPhone has the ability to create a local network for sharing Internet. You can use this to cast photos to, for example, your TV.

Go to Settings -> Personal Hotspot -> Turn On. On the device, go to the network settings, find the network with the name of your phone and connect to it.

There is no need for internet access either for the phone or for the device on which you are casting photos. However, this does not guarantee that the device will not start spending traffic (for example, TV decides to download updates)

Photv does not use any external servers and does not require an Internet connection to work. Therefore, photos do not leave your local network in a normal situation.

At this point, one

This functionality will be added in future releases.

Try connecting to local address. Due to routing problems or the presence of several subnets, the TV may not be able to connect by ip address.

The local address uses the phone name. Go to Settings -> General -> About -> Name and change to a simpler one. Then restart Photv app.

Try restarting your phone. Perhaps some service freezes and blocks the right port for the application. Future versions will offer a workaround for this situation.

There may have been some kind of network problem. Try restarting the application. Future versions will offer a workaround for this situation.